Scream 2006

[Music: Ranta]
[Lyrics: Ranta]

Now it's done, now it's through
The world hates me I know
Now I'm out, now I'm done
They are staring at me I know
Sad and true without you
Feeling inside is cruel
Reflection, Deflection
Picture inside is addle

Scream, scream out my heart
Scream, Scream it out tonight

Now it's gone, now it's true
Alone in the world I know
Still I'm sad still it feels bad
No one's waiting I know
Sad but true without you
Good times in my mind
Oppression affliction
Scene inside is getting better

[Solo: Ranta]

[Music: Lindroos]
[Lyrics: Lindroos]

You know nothing about us
You think that we're not cool
You say we got nothing to give
We just say... Fuck you
We don't care about your thoughts
We will hate you anyway
You're just a piece of shit
We take no shit from no one

Fuck you, you're just a piece of shit
Fuck you, we take no shit

We take no shit from no one
You can say what ever you dare
It's all the same cos we don't care

[Solo: Lindroos]
[Solo: Ranta]

3. WASTED YEARS (clean version)
[Music: Ranta]
[Lyrics: Ranta]

Now it's too late to change the fate
To change the way, the time is out
Way too soon you had to go away
Why so soon you had to fly away
The guilt, The pain burning like a flame
The pain we feel too bad it's so real
Feelings of shame ourselves we blame
Throughout the years speaking to deaf ears

So many years waiting
So many years now crying
For you

[Solo: Lindroos]
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