Heikki Saari

Date of birth: 8th of September, 1984
From: Hyvinkaa, Finland
In Norther: since 2005
Instrument: drums
Influences: Scarve, Opeth, Soilwork, Ensiferum, Disarmonia Mundi, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Annihilator, Deathchain, Hate Eternal, Rotten Sound, Sevendust, Wintersun
Pets: No. He Hate pets
Drinks: Beer, milk and water
Eats: Pizza, Chinese stuff, Anything made by mother
Other Bands: drums in Virtuocity, Atheme One, Welloheen
Started Play: exact date unknown, possibly around 1987

- No Way Back (2007) - EP

- Northern Twilight Symphony

NOTE: Heikki played on this album under the pseudonym Joey Edith.

Atheme One:
Atheme One has recorded a four song promotional EP and two songs, titled 'Dreamchaser' and 'World of Insanity', are available for download on their official website. Atheme One will soon complete their debut CD.

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